The world in your pocket

  • Imagine following the military coup in Turkey, LIVE, with no filter. Imagine yourself observing hundreds of civilians recording the event with their smartphones. NOWS is an app that connects live breaking news events with the rest of the world. At NOWS, we believe that information should be shared among people and that NEWS should be a way of liberating everyone by acknowledging the importance of every story. Every person should have the chance to share a story with the world in an authentic and truthful manner, that is why we created NOWS.
  • Nows is a LIVE social breaking news media located in Denmark. As a user, you can record live breaking news 24 hours a day regardless of your location in the world. As soon as you start recording, other users will be able to watch, comment and share your live video internationally. While you are recording live, news agencies and media will  be able to purchase your live video and broadcast it to their own news station.